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Project Description
Block aimed to provide basic notification services for .NET apps, this framework is developed in .NET 2.0 and currently supports DB Notifications (for application storage) and email notification, SMS notification is planned to be developed in coming months, feel free to collaborate, suggestions and comments are welcome.

Even though there's is another project in codeplex named: Notification Application Block, this project has no relation to it, I developed this fmk since the Notification Application Block has no usable releases, so I decided to build one on my own having two basic types of notifications. email and app notifications ( which means that these notifications can be seen inside any app since they are stored inside a DB ), text formatters and SMS notifications will be added in further releases.

Currently I've used this fmk to provide alerts on some of my applications, so you can be sure that this is fully usable, however I'll look to provide more functionality since I think this can be extended and optimized, so if you are looking for a quick an easy way to provide your app with notifications functionality you might find this framework very useful.

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